Saudi Medical Physics Society faculty and staff offer a number of specialized services, through which laboratory apparatus, dedicated equipment, and special medical physics techniques are made available to campus researchers, researchers and specialists throughout the cities, and physicists and medical imagers in Saudi Arabia.
Any fees that are charged offset the cost of operating and maintaining the facility.

SMPS offers:

  • Assistance in consulting and expert services in the areas of medical and health physics
    • Diagnostic imaging (x-ray, nuclear medicine, MRI, ultrasound).
    • Radiation therapy (external beam, brachytherapy, proton and other hadron therapy, HIFU therapy).
    • Physiological measurements.
  • Collaboration with national regulatory agencies and societies in all aspects of safe use of radiation in medicine.
  • Represents the Saudi medical physicists in national forums , international conferences and symposium and meetings that concern the medical physics profession.
  • Development of professional linkages with national and international organizations.
  • Provision of position paper for the welfare of the profession and of the medical physicists.
  • Promotion of the medical physics profession and development of scheme for developing future medical physicists.
  • Participation in the upgrading of medical physics education through residency programs, scholarships and research.