Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee (Aka “Mustamir” Committee) is responsible of establishing policy & procedures and reviewing educational courses and workshop that enhance members’ professional knowledge. The committee overseas the Mustamir platform and communicate with the SCFHS and members regarding all aspects related to continue deployment activities.

Policies and procedures

All proposed events must be submitted to SMPS scientific committee of the society.

The proposal must include the following items:

Title of the event and all presentations or workshops.

Updated CVs of presenters including their SCFHS registrations if available.

Proposed time for each talk/workshop

intended audience of the event.

Proposed date of the event.

Disclosure of conflict of interest if present.

The scientific committee must reply to the submitter within 2 weeks from submission date.

The scientific committee may request minor modifications for final acceptance. Minor modifications must be submitted back to the scientific committee with 3 weeks from reply date.

The scientific committee will then apply for CPD hours from the SCFHS. They should follow guidelines of CPD applications and should include:

Why the event is need.

Whom will benefit.

List potential outcomes of the event.

Final decision on event date will be decided by the scientific committee, SMPS “Mustamir” platform committee, and event presenters and will be advertised through the following channels:

email: events – at –

twitter @SMPS_SA


The scientific committee must designate a moderator for the event.

“Mustamir” committee is responsible for registration of participants and must keep a record of attendees.

The “Mustamir” committee should prepare a questionnaire during or immediately post the event to the participants. Results of the questionnaire will be shared with the presenters and the scientific committee.  

The scientific committee and the “Mustamir” committee must meet post the event to discuss the highlights and drawbacks of the event. These recommendations should be used in improving future similar events.

Events can be financially sponsored by companies or organizations and must be reviewed and approved.

All financial aspects of management of fees or donations must be through SMPS accountant.