Code of Ethics

Code of ethics is a principle of Saudi Medical Physics Society to assist members to act in ethical manner, which provides guideline for members to manage themselves in their relationships with patients, employers, other members and public.

  1. Members shall benefit the society by their knowledge, experience and skills.
  2. Members shall promote and strive to protect the safety and welfare of patient, public, and co-workers.
  3. The primary concerns of the members are patients’ safety.
  4. Members should provide the best quality patient care with professional service.
  5. Members should put patient needs above their own personal interests.
  6. Members should protect all patient information.
  7. The relationship among members, patients, colleagues, health professionals, and those in training shall be open, and based on mutual respect.
  8. Members should improve their knowledge, skills, and sharing them with their colleagues.
  9. Members should support other members or staff in the institution to achieve patient care.
  10. Members should accept responsibility for their own work.
  11. Honesty is the pace of all relations with patients, employers, colleagues, and members of other professions in all professional interactions in their work.
  12. Members should avoid conflict of interest and should be aware when personal interests conflict with other interests.
  13. Members should participate in appropriate continuing medical physics education activities and contribute to a work environment where people can do their best.
  14. Members should not participate in taking punitive or retaliatory action against other members.
  15. Members must realize their limitations of knowledge, skill, refuse assignments for which they are not qualified, and seek consultations and assistance when indicated.
  16. Within their practice, members should improve their knowledge and skills relevant to their professional work.
  17. Members should advise authorities, governments, and agencies on public policies affecting the safety, quality, and economics of all applications of physics in medicine.
  18. Resource materials including research should be accurate and appropriately referenced when applicable and should be truthful, based on accepted scientific principles.
  19. Members should assist colleagues in furthering their technical competence and professional development, and should support them in following this Code of Ethics.
  20. When providing instruction to other workers, the Medical Physicist should emphasize them to be aware and respectful of the limitations of their knowledge and experience, so that patient care and public safety are not compromised.
  21. Members should respect the law and requirements for the safe practice of their profession.
  22. Members should respect institutional policies and procedures and improve them.
  23. Members shall not exploit any person who has a professional relationship.